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Yagya Services

Birthday Yagya

According to Vedic astrology, the most important day for each person is the day one was born. That day one cycle closes and another begins, bringing new energies and opportunities. It is a time of renewal and to begin implementing the projects of the new cycle. The birthday Yagya is performed to grant the birthday person long life, good health and material well-being throughout the year, give him the appropriate wisdom and direction for the fulfillment of his goals.

Periodic Yagya

Physics shows us that entropy, the measure of disorder in the universe, grows constantly, that is, our life and environment become disordered. The law of inertia also operates in us, making it difficult to move in the direction we want and other times opposing a force contrary to our own effort. The Vedic calendar informs us of the most auspicious days where a particular Law of Nature is most invigorated in order to help us overcome the different obstacles that arise in the development of our life. The Yagyas performed according to these dates of the Vedic calendar are more powerful and their effects are deeper, managing to overcome future negative events, while enhancing the positive events that come into our lives. For this reason in ancient times, during the Vedic Civilization, Yagyas were a regular part of people’s lives to get in tune with Natural Law and personal evolution.

Special Yagyas

In our daily lives we face all kinds of problems and we always look for support to solve them. Many times we do not see the difficulties that are coming our way, but through Jyotish it is possible to know about negative future events and take preventive actions through Yagyas. Yagyas have a preventive approach to problems and allow you to avoid any unwanted tendency before it arises. Vedic wisdom says: “Heyam duhkham anagatam” Avert the danger before it arises.

The special Yagyas cover the different aspects of human life such as health, finances, education, judicial issues, personal relationships, etc., so it is possible to perform a yagya especially to face the specific situation that afflicts us. If the influence that comes to us from the future is positive, then the Yagya will enhance the benefits that we will receive. If, on the other hand, the influence that comes to us from the future is unfavorable, then the Yagya will generate a positive life-sustaining influence to neutralize it.

Yagyas are performed by Maharishi-trained Vedic pandits with years of experience in Vedic recitations and procedures.