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I’m new to this topic, and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect but I can say that I felt a huge difference from the moment you started helping me. Everything seems to have improved and in the end I found the job I was looking for. I would really like to get more involved with the topic and introduce it into my life. I believe I would benefit a lot.  AR

A Yagya was made for my country and several people paid for it. I made the donation in the name of my grandson who has language problems, attention deficit and hyperactivity. A few days after the yagya he appeared at my house speaking better, his behavior had improved and he even started eating foods that he didn’t like before. Now we will do a Jyotish consultation to know more about his health condition and see which specific Yagyas would be suitable to help him. SM.

After a while without work and not knowing what to do, I decided to do a Yagya to find a job according to my interests. A few weeks later I received a call from a job informing me that my application had been accepted among several other applicants. So I did another Yagya to secure my application and weeks later they called me to inform me that I had been accepted. I am happy in my new job. TP