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Human beings have always been concerned about knowing why certain events occur in their lives, their families and society; in fact, they have wanted to be able to anticipate these events in order to protect themselves from negative events, or, take advantage of positive events or periods. Astrology then emerges as a science and a technology at the same time, to know the cycles of nature and be able to predict future events or good and bad cycles. Indeed, the prediction of future events, whether positive or negative according to a very personal interpretation, has been and is very important to this day. A common case in life is weather prediction, knowing whether it will rain or not the next day. If we know that it will rain, then we take precautions such as putting on boots, a raincoat and an umbrella. Even so, some water will get us wet, but it will be much less if we had not taken these precautions. More complex cases are, for example, knowing if my shares that I have in the stock market will go up or should I rather sell and when. Astrology also determines character and destiny, therefore, it helps to know what work I should do, when to start my business, what day my marriage should be to have a happy life as a couple, etc.

The astrology we talk about on this site is called Jyotish, which is Vedic Astrology, also known as traditional Indian astrology. Jyotish comes from Jyoti, which means light. It is the light that illuminates the path of the student and illuminates the path of the one who consults. There are differences between Jyotish and Western astrology, but both are prediction systems.

In order to make predictions, astrology is based on the movements of the stars which are cyclical and can be calculated mathematically. In this way, knowing the starting point (my birth) and the time cycles of the stars, I can calculate which It will be my situation in the future that I want. Knowing this, I can take preventive measures to reduce the negative effects that come from the future (the umbrella) or enhance the positive effects that come to my life in a future cycle (investing in the stock market).

The tools to intervene in a negative future that is upon us is through Yagya. These are procedures carried out by expert pundits, which take as a basis the person’s astrological chart, calculate what is the cycle or period of the negative future that is coming to that person and recommend the performance of one or more Yagyas to “reduce” the negative that is coming to us in the future or simply divert it so that it passes by, in the same way that NASA today launches a rocket to collide with a rock that will impact the earth in two years, to divert it from its trajectory or destroy it.

The purpose of Jyotish is to bring light to people’s lives. The purpose of Yagya is to bring balance, harmony and happiness to every person and the world. Our purpose is to make these tools available to all people interested in improving their quality of life and that of their family and friends.